Butchers counters: that’s how Coldar Snc started in the Veneto region, in 1957. The company was located in a small workshop in Padua (Italian city near Venice) and with a production of 18/10 stainless steel (AISI 304) serveover counters, has left an indelible mark in the history of commercial refrigeration.
Later on Coldar Frigoriferi Srl widened its production in its current plant in Mestrino (PD), answering the constant requests for bespoke serve over counters for delicatessens, butchers’, fishmongers’ and pastry shops, bar and travelling shops. Very important is also the production of refrigerated hanging wall units, refrigerated or non behind the counter units, refrigerated wall display cabinets, refrigerated shelving and display cabinets in general. A complete range of stainless steel units for food shops.

Half a century of experience to bear witness to the product quality And
to guarantee the correct answer to customers’ most demanding requests

Nowadays Coldar is a co-supplier for delicatessens, butchers’, pastry and fishmongers’ shops... helping the shop fitter in creating a functional and exclusive working environment. Through an elegant craftsmanlike care in the steel counters, the Company wishes to continue to stand out with durable, reliable excellent products. To help the customer with his/her choice, the Company has created a 150m² showroom where the superb quality of the made-to-measure units can be tested and the various types of solutions in terms of coatings, type of refrigerated counters, types of vertical and wall display cabinets, behind-the counter units, accessories and customizations can be seen. In the Coldar showroom a furnishing solution for any food shop can be identified.

Coldar: a cabinet for life.

“The shop hinges on its counter”, these are the words of one of our customers who is renovating his shops with us. He manages numerous butcher shops and wants the best to keep his goods efficiently, standing out from his competitors at the same time. By purchasing our refrigerated cabinet he makes an investment in time on his shops, fitting them with very functional, always attractive counters, with our quality seal proving the construction to be totally in stainless steel.

Like him our customers are identified by the fact that they ...
... want the counter as a work tool
... want to invest on the duration of their units   
... want to stand out for style and elegance
... want to keep the displayed product without altering its freshness    
... look for functionality for their own requirements      
... are not associated with mass distribution,
but mirror the requirement of “medium/small” distribution (where it is necessary to keep the goods loose in the cabinet for longer, without altering colour, taste and quality)

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