Coldar designs and manufactures refrigerated serve over counters for delicatessens, butcher shops, convenience stores in general. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, the Coldar range of refrigerated counters display case is reliable in its refrigeration and more or less indestructible because wholly made in stainless steel (AISI 304).
In the fittings of a delicatessen or butcher shop, aesthetic considerations are not the main thing to take into account. The refrigerated counter must be considered the hinge the fittings rotate on.
Studying the internal layout is the starting point to make shop management easier, from the loading/unloading of the products sold to the cleaning of the refrigerated counter. This done, the refrigerated counter takes shape, wholly built in stainless steel, with hand-polished mirror finishes and every detail taken care of both front and back, designed for optimum refrigeration. That’s where the value of the Coldar creations lies, always different, elegantly designed and with very original details.

Butcher shop fittings
Thanks to our fifty years’ experience, we design fittings for butcher shops using a specific meat/salami counter fitted with Coldar patented refrigeration system. With the aim of giving the displayed products the best possible visibility, the company manufactures high quality customized fittings by choosing the best materials in compliance with the health and safety regulations of your country.

Fittings for delicatessens / grocery shops             
After a detailed study of the shopkeeper’s requirements, Coldar supplies the optimal solution for a functional meat and cheese counter, customized with a free service area, dry snack area, bain marie compartment, intermediate shelves, refrigerated cabinets, bowl compartments, knife drawers ... and much more. The covering and other aesthetic details are chosen following the customer’s instructions, comparing them with the principles of interior design. This way we take care of every detail in the choice of shapes, materials and colours, standing out as to style and functionality in the fittings for delicatessens and grocery shops in general.

A concrete solution to your fitting ideas


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