The fittings for a pastry as well as for a fresh pasta shop must be warm and welcoming, but above all the place must be functional for the people working in it. A pastry / fresh pasta refrigerated counter that can maintain unaltered the characteristics of the creams and sweets is therefore vital. This is feasible by using the refrigeration system designed and patented for the fresh pasta counter. This technology can maintain the most delicate products such as pasta, egg mixes and the various fillings connected to them unaltered. After this Coldar focuses on aesthetic considerations, designing elegant and stylish fittings with a pastry / fresh pasta counter with straight or curved glass, straight or rounded frames, special covering and many other details that are the company’s characteristics. In the gallery you can see how Coldar interprets these combinations: the outcome is always unique in its style, functional and of great visual impact.

Make your shop original with a different counter, a Coldar Frigoriferi counter.


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