Design refrigerated counters, bespoke serveover counters, behind-the-counter units, laboratory fittings, display units, refrigerated cabinets, and special constructions ... all rigorously made-to-measure after careful study with our technical department.
Coldar designs and manufactures any type of bespoke refrigerated cabinet, all in AISI 304 stainless steel, making it fit perfectly your space and requirements: bespoke corner, chosen height and depth, recess for a column inside a shop, semi-vertical self service area, linking units. The refrigerated counter can be fitted with dry warm, bain marie or infrared-lit compartments, refrigerated under-counter cabinets, knife or paper units, carrier bag holders, intermediate shelves, sprayers; roll holders, chopping block recesses or chopping block backsplashes and much more.

An Italian design refrigerated display, made-to- measure for delicatessens, butcher’s, fishmonger’s, grocer’s, pastry/fresh pasta and travelling shops (cabinet for butchers or fishmongers trailers). Contact Coldar technical office to be guided in the design of a bespoke product built wholly in stainless steel.

Our strength is to be able to mould steel around your requirements.

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