The refrigerated wall units and vertical display cabinets show off the Coldar range of shop stainless steel fittings. The available versions are innumerable, custom-designed in stainless steel, a guarantee of reliability, functionality and long life. In the gallery you can see the refrigerated wall units with glass or blind sides, glass doors or open. You can then see the hanging units with 1 shelf (2 loading compartments) or just one loading compartment. The whole range of refrigerated hanging units has hand-polished mirror finishes, fitted with a series of accessories such as hooks for salami, night blinds, light on each shelf and many other design details, everything to make the Coldar Frigoriferi fittings functional.   For Coldar to complete a shop studying and building the tables behind the counter and the fittings in the back shop is a stimulus to exploit the over 50 years’ experience. So, with the aim of optimizing the retailer’s work (minimizing his/her movements), Coldar designs the stainless steel fittings behind the counter, working tables and back-shop units. In the gallery you can notice the level of detail shop stainless steel units can have. In fact even the area behind the counter needs its style: the same working table can be customized with holes for meat waste, sinks, chopping block recesses, knife compartments … all this built with passion in stainless steel, a synonym for elegance, indestructibility and hygiene.

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