Coldar Frigoriferi offers the best "Made in Italy" thanks to its ability to mould a fitting idea working with the most durable and reliable materials: stainless steel and glass. To authenticate its creations, Coldar Frigoriferi uses the “Sigillo di Qualità” (Quality Seal) emblem: it is the symbol of the passion and professionalism of its team that, thanks to a production that uses craftsmanlike processes, can offer careful attention to detail and long life, excellent functionality and innovative and winning design for all its creations. It is for this reason that the company has been standing out earning its customers’ trust for decades.  

In confirmation of the quality of the materials used, even after a long life, Coldar counters have zero environmental impact. The steel structure is totally recyclable since any product in this material can, at the end of its life, be reused without the material losing its inherent quality, as it happens on the other hand for plastics.
Glass is another wholly recyclable material. Each ton of recycled glass amounts to a saving of over 300 Kg of CO2. Once more sensitivity towards the environment strengthens and certifies the merit of a historical brand that is stainless through time.

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